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What to do once your funding is awarded

For grants submitted through UH Bristol:

  • For NIHR grants if successful, you will usually be sent a provisional award by email, and then have to answer some queries from reviewers or finance.
  • Other funders may also do this, or for smaller awards you may just get a yes/no.
  • Please let R&I know the decision as soon as you have it.
  • Contracts need to be set up between the funder and UH Bristol - we can help with this.
  • There are standard contracts available from some funders, but new ones will need to be reviewed by UH Bristol's legal department. This will be managed by UH Bristol R&I, so please liaise with your R&I contact or the research grants manager in order to set these up.
  • Contracts need to be signed by either R&I (for NIHR grants) or your divisional manager or finance manager for other awards; if you are unsure pelase contact R&I.
  • Contracts should not be signed by the Principal Investigator.
  • Often subcontracts (agreements) will need to be set up between UH Bristol and other organisations participating in the research.
  • The contract is legally binding, and by signing we agree that we have the resources at UH Bristol to deliver the study, and that all necessary approvals are or will be in place. We will check this during the sponsorship process. 

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