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Costing research in the NHS

  • Costing a grant application always takes longer than you think
  • For grants submitted through UH Bristol, you need to get it approved by either R&I finance (for NIHR grants), or your divisional finance manager (for other grants)
  • You need to decide whether to submit through a university or through UH Bristol, and who will be your sponsor - please talk to the grants manager, plus your head of school or research lead.
  • Usually there are collaborators from other institutions, and you will need accurate costs from them as well
  • For grants where there are university costs, you will need to enter these into their costing system, and get these approved by the relevant university finance officer, even if UH Bristol is the lead organisation
  • For grants submitted through a university where there are UH Bristol costs, you will need to get these from your divisional finance manager
  • There are three types of cost associated with clinical studies in the NHS: "Research", "Support" and "Treatment". It is not always straightforward to allocate costs accordingly - but we can help.
  • NIHR and other funders will ask for a detailed breakdown of all these costs.
Costing a research study
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NHS research, support and treatment costs
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Process for submitting grants through UH Bristol
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