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Patient and Public Involvement in Research

"On-going Patient and Public Involvement will help ensure that no professional 'blind spots' occur in the conduct of the study. We are taking this approach because patient/carer involvement to date has helped us design a study that will answer the right question yet can be conducted in a practical and scientifically rigorous way".

- Dr Matthew Ridd, University of Bristol

Patient and Public Involvement in Research (PPI) is necessary to ensure your research is relevant and meets the needs of people it is designed to help.

PPI refers to ways in which patients and members of the public can become involved in designing or helping with research studies; it does not refer to people who take part in trials (see What does participation mean for me?)

We have developed a strategy for promoting PPI in all of our research: download the UH Bristol Patient and Public in Research Strategy

Researchers - why you should involve the public
Patient and public involvement: what is it and why do you need it?
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Researchers - how and who to involve
Find out more about how to invovle people and links to further information.
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Useful links and further information
Find out more about people and Research West of England and INVOLVE.
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Case studies
Find out more about local and national examples of PPI.
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UH Bristol and other local PPI in research groups
Local PPI groups relating to specific research or disease areas
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PPI in research - Frequently asked questions
A live list of practical examples and FAQ's
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