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Is your study research, audit or service evaluation

It is sometimes difficult to tell whether studies fall under "research", "audit" or "service evaluation". All these different types of studies take place within the NHS, and there are different procedures for each type of study 

  • Research is designed and conducted to generate new knowledge. All clinical research requires a sponsoring organisation and R&D approval. Most of this research will also require ethical approval.
  • Audits are designed to find out whether the quality of a service meets a defined standard. Audits need to go through the UH Bristol Clinical Audit Department
  • Service Evaluations are designed to answer the question "what standard does this service achieve"?

Non-research studies involving questionnaires and surveys should go through the UH Bristol Questionnaire, Interview and Survey Group (QIS). Research studies that do not require ethical approval but involve questionnaires and surveys should also be submitted to QIS (e.g. staff surveys).

How to tell if your study is research, audit etc
Read about the definititions and links to further guidance.
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UH Bristol clinical audits
Read more information and links to the clinical audit department.
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Service evaluation
Find out more about definitions and further information.
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Questionnaire, interview and survey (QIS) group
View links to UH Bristol QIS group.
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