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Introduction to research participation

We have many different research studies taking place at UH Bristol (600 in 2012), so as a patient, or as a relative of a patient, you may be approached at some point about a research study that is relevant to you.

All clinical research trials that open in UH Bristol have been thoroughly scrutinised by specialist scientists and healthcare professionals, relevant UK regulatory bodies, independent ethics committees and by the UH Bristol Research Governance Team. This rigorous process ensures that patients and the public can have confidence in, and benefit from, excellent quality research in health and social care.

Participation in research is entirely voluntary, you can change your mind at any time without giving a reason, and if you decide not to take part, your care will not be affected.

We want the pages in this section to cater to your information needs. If you are looking for specific information that you cannot find here, please contact us at so that we can keep our website up to date and relevant to you. 

The links below provide more detailed information about taking part in a research study 

Healthtalkonline - including videos of patients talking about their experiences

National Institute for Health Research - including links to booklets about taking part in research

NHS Choices

Medical Research Council

Cancer Research UK - Taking part in a Trial