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Take part in research

Many UHBristol staff are currently working to support the research that brings increased benefits to patients, but without our patients volunteering to take part, it would be impossible for this research to take place. Clinical trials often need many participants to find out which treatments are likely to be the most effective for the majority of the population.

To participate in a particular clinical trial, a patient must match certain criteria to be eligible for that trial. The eligibility criteria can be very specific to ensure that any safety issues that have been identified in a trial are adhered to. For example, if a patient had a disease that was relevant to a particular trial, but also had another condition in their past medical history that would mean it wouldn't be appropriate to take a particular medication, they would have to be excluded from the trial for their own safety.

The first objective of any research conducted in the NHS is to safeguard the participant

The other objectives of research are to:

  • Reduce treatment risks
  • Collect quality data to assess patient outcomes
  • Conduct research informed by excellent science

It is important to recognise that clinical research does not always directly benefit the person participating. But, from patient participation, knowledge of different conditions can be gained that will help inform how to best treat patients in the future.

Introduction to research participation
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Donating tissues and samples
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Available trials
Current NIHR recognised trials taking place at UHBristol.
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