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Timetable of clinics











Endocrine and pre-existing diabetes

Cardiac (1st & 3rd)

Haematology (2nd and 4th)

Obstetric Medicine (2nd, 4th, 5th)




Gestational diabetes

Maternal Medicine Specialty Clinic

e.g. Epilepsy/ Gastrointestinal disease/Rheumatological disease/Cystic Fibrosis

Cardiac (1st and 3rd)



Many of our specialist clinics involve review by an obstetrician with specialist knowledge in maternal medicine and medical specialist appropriate to your condition. Due to the complexity of many of the medical conditions under our care, appointments often involve review by allied health professionals including specialist nurses, midwives and dieticians. The aim of these clinics is to provide comprehensive, safe care for all our clients and additional ultrasound scans, blood tests and other investigations such as detailed maternal heart scans and traces of the fetal heart are often necessary.  In providing this highly specialist package of care please be advised that clinic appointments can often involve prolonged visits lasting a few hours.