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Information for you


This page contains links to patient information booklets on a range of topics.

Birthing options

Choosing where to have your baby

Having a baby at St Michael's Hospital

Help yourself to a normal birth

Midwife-led unit

Vaginal birth after caesarean section

Preparing your body and mind

Care of your body in pregnancy

Relaxation for pregnancy and labour

Pregnancy and the pelvic floor

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic joint problems - advice for pregnancy and early postnatal

Psychological services for maternity

How to increase iron in your diet while pregnant

During pregnancy

Early pregnancy information

Your baby's movements

First trimester screening clinic for Down's syndrome

20 week ultrasound scan

Care in late pregnancy

Problems in pregnancy

Pain and bleeding in early pregnancy


RhD negative and care in pregnancy

Genital herpes in pregnancy

Pre-term labour test

Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy

Mother's blood test to check baby's blood group

Rib pain in pregnancy

Information for parents expecting a baby with a heart condition


Your waters have broken

Latent phase of labour - ideas to help you

Resting positions for first stage labour

Listening to your baby's heartbeat in labour

Pain relief in labour

Third stage of labour

Preventing group B streptococcus infection in newborn babies

Assisted birth

External cephalic version

Caesarean section - enhanced recovery

Induction of labour


Looking after your baby


Vitamin K for newborn babies


Your post-pregnancy body

Following birth

Divarication of the abdominal muscles


Postnatal exercises and advice


What is a third or fourth degree tear?


Top tips for recovery after a caesarean


Hypertension in pregnancy - postnatal advice


Expressing your milk antetally 


The effects of giving formula milk to a breastfed baby

Feeding your baby  



Cleaning breastmilk collection kits


A guide to bottle feeding


Sterilising and preparing a bottle feed


Tips for your bowel problems 


Divarication of the abdominal muscles


Rib pain during pregnancy


Carpel tunnel syndrome in pregnancy


Pelvic joint problems - advice for pregnancy and early post-natal


Resting positions for the first stage of labour


Post-natal exercises and advice


Pregnancy and the pelvic floor


Care for your body in pregnancy

Other information

Visiting new mothers - St Michael's Hospital

Umbilical cord blood collection