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Confidentiality is at the centre of our practice. We provide a confidential service to all of our patients, including under 16s.

You will be given your own reference number which is used with your date of birth to label swabs and samples (none of your personal details leave the clinic).

Most people are treated in the clinic. If you need to be referred to a different hospital department or your GP needs to know about your care, then we will ask for your permission first.

Results of cervical smear tests done on the National Screening Program and results of your smear will be sent to your GP. No other tests you have alongside your smear will be shared.

Confidentiality will only be broken in very exceptional circumstances and only by a senior medical doctor.

Here to listen, not to tell.This means that you can tell others about your visit, but we won't.

All listed services are provided free of charge and all medications are provided without the need to pay a prescription fee.