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British Liver Trust
The Trust has dedicated resources for people with liver disease. Their aim is to reach out to as many people as possible by providing information and support, and lobbying for the services people with liver disease need.
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The Team

Medical Staff

Dr Peter Collins, Consultant Hepatologist

Special Interests: Hepatocellular cancer, immune mediated liver injury, CF Liver disease

Dr Fiona Gordon, Consultant Hepatologist and Hep C ODN lead

Special Interests: Viral Hepatitis and Hepatobiliary endoscopic ultrasound.

Dr Anne McCune, Consultant Hepatologist and Clinical Director

Special interests: Alcohol-related liver disease, complex portal hypertension (variceal bleeding and ascites), hereditary haemochromatosis and autoimmune liver diseases

Dr James Orr, Consultant Hepatologist

Special interests: Liver cancer, Cirrhosis and its complications, Liver transplant and follow up.

Dr Jim Portal, Consultant Hepatologist and Endoscopy Lead

Special interests: Hepatobiliary disease / Hepatobiliary endoscopy, Liver transplant assessment, Liver related renal injury, adolescent hepatology.

Our clinical team also includes a clinical research fellow and a registrar.

Dietician: Gabby Edwards

Pharmacist: Janki Jethwa

Specialist Nurse Teams

Hepatology specialist nurse: Victoria Hunt, cirrhosis, day case paracentesis and primary liver cancer

Transplant specialist nurses: Amy Williams and Sarah Lees,liver transplant coordinators

Viral specialist nurses: Jane Gitahi, Jeesha George and Vivian Delatorre, Hepatitis C and other blood borne viruses

Alcohol specialist nurses: Sarah Saleem, Jodi Warner, Lucy Kroumer and Rebecca Sherman

A522 Ward Manager: Lisa Thomas 

Management Team

Paul Harris: Specialty Manager

Lea Staynings: Assistant specialty manager

Heather Ball and Shirley Cepek: Clinic coordinators

Lois Morecroft and Julianne Jones: Medical Secretary Team           


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