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Ward 32

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Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Number of beds


Patient age range

0 - 18 years


0117 342 8332

For information for children, please visit our children's website

Profile of the ward

The cardiac ward is a 16-bedded unit. Patients between the ages of 0-18 are admitted for investigation, assessment and treatment of cardiac conditions or for management of other conditions, which may impact on their cardiac status. They are usually admitted via outpatient clinics, Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU), Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), Accident and Emergency (A & E) or transferred from other hospitals in the South West of England and Wales.

Philosophy of the ward

The philosophy of care is based on the knowledge that all children require holistic, family centred care within a safe and child friendly environment. We believe that families are the experts in the care of their children and are entitled to appropriate education, support and encouragement to enable them to deliver that care.

Care is planned jointly with nursing staff, the family and the multi-disciplinary team. We aim to maintain close contact with other departments such as intensive care, cardiac catheter lab and theatres in order to promote communication and continuity of care and to provide a seamless service during a child's stay in hospital. We work closely with Paediatric Community Teams, health visitors, District General Hospitals and GPs.

The nursing team

The nursing team comprises the ward manager and a team of qualified nurses and nursing assistants. A cardiac clinical nurse specialist is ward based and works closely with the team along with the cardiac liaison nurses. Full time and part time staff work a mixture of 12 hour and traditional shifts, with internal rotation to night duty.

The multi-disciplinary team

As well as the cardiac clinical nurse specialist and the cardiac liaison nurses, we work closely with other health care professionals. A play specialist, physiotherapist, dietician, cardiac technicians, pharmacist and social worker are attached to the ward and we have input from the acute pain nurse specialist and midwives as needed.

Medical staff

At present we have six full time consultant cardiologists in Bristol and three in Cardiff.

Currently the consultant cardiologists are:

Dr Rob Martin
Dr Alison Hayes
Dr Andy Tometzki
Dr Graham Stuart
Dr Beverly Tsai-Goodman
Dr Rob Tulloh
Dr Dirk Wilson
Dr Obed Onuzo
Dr Orhan Uzon

We have four registrars, three of which are career cardiologists, and the other a paediatric registrar doing a cardiology post. We have two SHOs, and one Fellow (Senior SHO).

Shift patterns

The nursing staff work a variety of shift patterns.

  • The early shift report commences at 07:30 and the shift finishes at 15:30.
  • The late shift report commences at 12:00 midday and the shift finishes at 20:00. There is a 15-minute paid coffee break and a 30-minute unpaid break on these shifts.
  • Night shift report commences at 19:30 and the shift finishes at 08:00. This shift includes two 30 minute unpaid breaks and a 10 minute paid break.

Parent information

There is a wide variety of information available to parents and carers. This ranges from a video which can be sent to parents prior to admission, which shows a patient journey through the hospital, and introduces you to some staff and answers some common questions. As well as information leaflets on specific cardiac problems and discharge information. There are also a number of staff available to deal with specific questions, from cardiac liaison nurses to social workers.


There is a fold down bed for parents at the side of each child's bed. There is only one per family, though the other parent can be accommodated in Ronald MacDonald House, which is found on Royal Fort road (take left immediately before old children's hospital). If there are no rooms available, there are local B&Bs and hotels, which the family would have to pay for them selves. We do, however, try to keep the families together, especially before surgery, and would allow a second parent to stay on the ward, but unless we are extremely quiet, could only offer them a comfortable chair to sleep in. If the family wish to bring siblings, grandparents or other carers, there are family rooms in Ronald MacDonald House.


As a teaching hospital we accommodate a wide variety of learners, from nursing and medical students, to nursery nurse and cardiac technician students.

Outreach team

There is a group of nurses who support the care of high dependency patients in all clinical areas within the directorate. They are available for both clinical and theoretical support as required.

Baby Ivy and the British Heart Foundation

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