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Jo-Anne Collins

"I'm the mother of Nico and Frankie, 18-month old twin boys. They were born prematurely at 24 weeks, and continue to suffer from a few issues, meaning we visit the hospital at least a dozen times a year." 

Jo-Anne Collins - Parent of patient

I have a disabled badge which does help a bit, but it's still not easy. I've missed appointments due to the lack of suitable parking. Trying to find a parking space at the hospital is incredibly stressful, and I know that this hub would really help me and my partner. 

Lack of hospital parking is another hurdle to climb   

While my disabled badge means that I can park on double yellow lines for a couple of hours, I still struggle to find a space. The boys' appointments usually last for a few hours, so I'm often forced to leave my children at the hospital to go and move my car.

There have been times when I haven't been able to move my car in time, and I've accepted the fact that I'll get a ticket and a fine. The residents parking zones in Clifton have made things a lot more difficult because we can't even park in those areas anymore.

Making a difference

As a resident of Bristol, I know the issues and challenges for drivers in the city. However, as a mum with small children I also know the issues and challenges of travelling via public transport. Buses and trains are difficult enough when you're just popping down to the shops, but when you're taking your kids to hospital it can be an exhausting experience.

I truly believe the transport hub will make a tangible difference to my life and that of many other parents using the hospital. The hub won't be for general commuters and won't be run for profit. It'll be for patients, their families and visitors. I hope the right decision is made so that this hub can be built.



"I'm a 69-year-old father of three from Lawrence Weston in Bristol. I rely on being able to drive to my appointments at the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre."

Paul Waits

Paul Waits

I attend the Haematology Day Unit for treatment for leukaemia, and have been regularly travelling to the hospital for the past nine months. I attend the unit at least three times a week and once a month I have to visit the hospital for seven days in a row for my treatment.

Public transport is not an option

My visits can last anything from a few hours in a morning to a full day. As I have leukaemia, I can't use public transport because of the risk of infection.

It's very important to me that I can drive so that I can get to my appointment. It's also important that there is somewhere to park but parking at present can be difficult. This can cause me unnecessary stress and anxiety. I often arrive about an hour early for my appointments to make sure I can find a parking space.

Improving parking for those who need it

I welcome the plans for the proposed Hospital Transport Hub. It will improve parking for people who need to drive to hospital for their appointments, and will make a real difference to people like me who have no other option but to use their car.



Nathan Gray

"I travel to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children from my home town of Reading twice a year, so my son can see a specialist about his epilepsy."

Nathan Gray

The journey takes about 90 minutes and we regularly struggle to find a parking space. My 14-year-old son is in a wheelchair, which makes finding an appropriate parking space all the more important.

Adding time to a long journey

Our most recent journey was in April 2018 and after our 90 minute journey I spent a further 30 minutes trying to find a parking space. I dropped my partner and son off at the drop-off point so he didn't miss his appointment, but I then went to numerous parking areas, including all of the hospital's on-site disabled parking spaces, but none were available.

The Hospital Transport Hub makes sense

It's frustrating to not be able to park, particularly after such a long journey to a city that you don't know very well. The children's hospital is bigger than our local hospital and yet there are not as many parking spaces. It doesn't make sense.

I welcome the plans for a Hospital Transport Hub. It's not practical to have a hospital of this size with such limited numbers of parking spaces.




"I have visited the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children several times recently as two of my children have needed treatment."

Ellie Langdon

Ellie Langdon - Parent of patient 

I'm a mum of three from Kingswood in Bristol. I welcome the proposal for a new Hospital Transport Hub. I have visited the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children several times recently as two of my children have needed treatment.

Parking is another challenge to overcome

Nobody likes a trip to hospital, particularly if it's their child who is ill. I often set off early for an appointment to allow for traffic and challenges in parking. I've found it's not practical to use the drop-off spaces, as if I'm on my own and running late for an appointment, I can't leave my child to go into the hospital alone whilst I drive round to find a car park.

Making life easier

The Hospital Transport Hub looks like a good idea and I'd welcome it. Anything that makes it easier to park for a hospital appointment can only be a good thing.




"I'm the mother of Daisy and Amber, who both suffer from chronic kidney disease. We drive around for up to two hours with our five children looking for a parking space near the hospital."

Lucy Collins - Parent of patient

After travelling from Devon for this specialist treatment, this driving around causes additional anxiety. We're usually late for appointments due to a lack of parking close by to the hospital. The hub would make a massive improvement to our experience and reduce the stress and inconvenience we face.

Lack of hospital parking is inconvenient for young families

When we travel to the hospital from Devon we always put aside four hours to make the trip. We've tried to use Park & Ride and train, but due to Daisy and Amber's condition, the complexity involved in these journeys is simply too much.

Normally, we spend two hours travelling, and up to two hours waiting for a space to park our car. It is essential we park as close as possible to the hospital site. With five children all five years old or younger in the car, what should be a simple matter of parking and attending to our children's needs turns into an ordeal. After such a long trip our children need to use the toilet, but they must cross their legs while we find a space to park our car.

Our car is a nine-seater, which means that some of the on-street pay and display spaces which are available are not big enough, especially on St Michaels Hill.  We end-up parking further and further away which, when added to the anxiety of the treatment of Daisy and Amber's condition, makes us anxious and stressed with our children usually crying. We've tried splitting up, with one parent taking Daisy and Amber to the hospital while the other drives around with the other small ones, but this just makes things incredibly stressful for each parent.

The hub would make an important difference

The city should be proud of its children's hospital given it is a regional centre for these specialist services. Families come from miles around to visit the hospital and receive the treatment they need.

We're incredibly grateful for the support and help which we receive from the staff. But the car parking provision close-by the hospital doesn't match the quality of these services.

Our family believes that the hub would make an important difference for our family, and the thousands of others like us who need to drive to the hospital because there is no realistic alternative.



"I drive to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children for appointments for my son, aged five, following an admission when he was four."


Louise Dembicki - Parent of patient

My son was particularly unwell and we had to bring him to the children's emergency department quickly, so we drove in. This proved really difficult as it was early in the morning and the traffic was bad. My partner had to drop off my son and I and then drove elsewhere with our daughter, who is now six months old, to find a parking space.

Public transport can double travel time

My son was admitted for five days and we had to share childcare between us. We drove to spend more time with our son rather than wait for public transport, which can more than double our journey time.

Most of our follow-up appointments are at 2.30pm and I need to drive for various reasons. One of these is so that my son doesn't miss too much school. If we took public transport I'd have to take him out of school for much of a day as it can take around two hours from where we live, compared to me driving us in within 45 minutes. Driving is the only way to guarantee we won't miss the appointments and that my son won't have to miss too much school.

The Hospital Transport Hub is a great idea

I'd welcome the plans for a new Hospital Transport Hub - anything that can ensure more parking is available for patients is a great idea and would be much appreciated.