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Patient and visitor survey snapshot

For many years we have received complaints about the amount of hospital parking available. In February 2018, we carried out 200 face-to-face and online survey interviews to understand people's concerns about accessing our services. The key findings of this survey snapshot emphasised that although many of our patients and visitors are able to use sustainable methods of travel to reach their appointments on time, many must rely upon a car due to a medical condition or public transport is not viable from where people live, especially due to our designation as a regional centre for services like child burns and brain injuries.

  • 43% travel to hospital in a sustainable way, such as by bus or on foot;
  • 57% travel to hospital in a car, either driving or as a passenger;

Why do people travel by car?

  • 32% - health reasons; 
  • 39% - no other realistic alternative;
  • 18% - lack of public transport.

Where do people park their car?

  • 18% - hospital car park 
  • 33% - other car parks
  • 19% - on-street parking
  • 10% - elsewhere 

What were your reasons for not using a hospital car park?

  • 25% - tried but could not find a space;
  • 37% - did not bother trying to find one because it would be too difficult to find a space in a hospital car park; 
  • 26% - either did not know there was a hospital car park or could not find one;
  • 7% - happy to park in a non-hospital car park or on-street

Did you experience difficulties finding a parking space in a hospital car park?

  • 60% - either very or quite difficult
  • 75% of that proportion stated that this difficulty had made their experience of using the hospital more stressful
  • 6% - late to an appointment due to a lack of nearby parking

Additional comments:

"I drove to the entrance of the car park in a queue until space became available - half hour wait."

"I drive around for a space and if I don't find one, my alternatives are to try street parking (blue badge) but there are not that many in walking distance and difficult to get into. If I can't find any, I park in Trenchard or Rupert Street but these are not cheap and I find the machines difficult to use as my dominant hand is strapped and weak due to me being a long term rheumatoid arthritis sufferer. Walking from these car parks is not a problem for me but way too far for those with mobility issues. I sometimes struggle if it is wet as the pavement is slippery and it's all down or up hills."

A selection of further comments from respondents to the question, 'What could the hospital do to make travel to hospital easier?'

  • "Increase available car parking.  Improve the relationship between bus providers and the hospital to ensure that more routes took in the main road in front of the hospital - especially the Park and Ride."
  • "I don't know if it's the hospital's problem but there should be a lot more parking/car park. My mum is disabled and comes here quite a lot but always dreads coming here because there's only two parking spaces."
  • "Parking is an issue for me because I have to drive as there are no viable public transport alternatives from where I live.  Could onsite/ nearby parking be made available perhaps for patients (or their drivers) who live beyond a radius of say 15 miles?"
  • "It's more stressful working for parking than the actual journey had to park at Trenchard Street - not fair on patient to walk from there to hospital."
  • "Another car park would be better."
  • "If hospital had multi-storey car park would make easy by car, providing costs were reasonable."