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Hospital Transport Hub proposals

For many years, patients and visitors, who cannot travel by public transport for medical reasons, have told us how difficult it is to find a parking space. We currently have 300 spaces available for the public spread across seven small car parks. Our car park space is not enough to cope with the demands from patients and families who need to travel to our hospitals by car. There are some 974,000 patient visits to our hospitals each year and this is expected to rise by 4% each year.

We want to improve access to our hospitals with a new patient car park, staff cycle facilities and public transport services up-and-running by summer 2021.

We encourage patients and visitors travelling to our hospitals to use the bus, cycle or walk. But we know that sustainable travel can be impossible for those with certain medical conditions and they will either need to drive or be given a lift by a relative or friend. Our research suggests that of those patients or visitors that drive, 32% travel by car to hospital due to a medical condition. There are also people who must travel long distances to our specialist regional services, like those for child burns and brain injuries, who may find it difficult to use public transport for their journey.

Patient impact

  • Research suggests around 58,000 patients each year run late for an appointment because they cannot find a parking space. Some may miss their appointments altogether, contributing to over 54,000 missed appointments per year. As well as causing stress and inconvenience, this has knock-on effects for patient care and hospital efficiency;
  • Patients and visitors sometimes park on double yellow lines because they can't find a space. Over 5% of Bristol's parking fines are issued in the streets around our hospitals.

Community impact

The shortage of hospital car parking also creates issues for the community. For example:

  • Research suggests around a quarter of patients and visitors who drive to our hospitals fail to find a space in our car parks. The result is that people drive around for an alternative and clog-up the roads with more traffic; 
  • Patients and visitors use Pay and Display parking in residential parking zones. This leads to a squeeze on the spaces available to permit holders;
  • Local traders tell us that patients and visitors appear to use on-street parking spaces close to their shops. These spaces are in streets such as Perry Road, Colston Street, Lower Park Row and St Michaels Hill. As a result, traders have told us that they lose business because customers are unable to park and go elsewhere.

Our solution

There are many public transport options already available, but these are not enough to provide easy access for all of our patients and visitors. We propose to build a new Hospital Transport Hub to help solve the issues above. Please click here to find out more. Find out how you can get involved here.

These web pages set out the case in favour of our plans. The boxes below will enable you to explore our proposals in more detail and find out how you can get involved.

Our Hospital Transport Hub solution
The new hub will be built on the site of a small existing car park and the flats on Eugene Street.
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Blending with the local landscape
The plans would respect and blend into the surroundings.
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Making the hub a reality
There are three important elements that we need to make the new hub a reality.
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Frequently asked questions
Can we answer any of your queries?
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How you can help us
We have submitted our planning application. Members of the public can now write to the Council to submit their views about our plans.
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Views on our hub
Find out what impact our plans would have on patients, parents and local traders.
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