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Outpatient appointment reminder service

Every year, thousands of patients miss their hospital appointments because they forget when they are.

Text and automated call message reminders help patients remember their appointments, and significantly reduces the number of missed appointments.

Each missed appointment costs the NHS an average of £160, as well as delaying treatment and increasing waiting times for all patients.

What the service involves

You will receive either a text message reminder to your mobile, or an automated call message reminder to your landline, depending on what contact details are registered with us. 

If we have your mobile number you will receive two reminders. The first is sent seven days before your appointment. The second is sent 24 hours before your appointment.

If we only have a landline number for you, this will be sent seven days before your appointment.

Details about your appointment, such as location, are in your letter or would have been given to you over the phone. Please refer to your letter for appointment information.