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#HCSweek19 - Kirsty Stevenson

I work within blood sciences, laboratory medicine, in a small department called U-STAR, (The Unit for the Support of Trials and Research).

My main role is to facilitate all research within the Trust and local community that require blood sciences input. This could be to ensure certain results are available quickly, to process the samples in a certain way, and to send samples all over the world for more specialised analysis.

I have been in this role for nine years now and have enjoyed the variety of people I have met along the way.

Lots of teams include me in their capacity and capability discussions for new research which really speeds up the process of approval, allowing more research availability to our patients.

If you are ever invited to participate in a clinical trial or research project I would highly recommend you consider it - the nursing staff are always so committed and you get to make a real difference to future health care.

#HCSweek19 #FacesofUHBristol