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#HCSweek19 - Emma Podnieks

I work within Radiation Science Services, and we provide support to all departments that use ionising radiation. Our role is to provide inter-disciplinary scientific advice to health Trusts with regards to many aspects of radiation imaging and safety.

My main role within the section is to manage and provide scientific and technical support to local x-ray breast imaging services.  I perform quality assurance (QA) tests on the x-ray equipment and I work closely with radiographers to set up and monitor their routine QA tests.  Emerging imaging technology means we often have to develop new testing methods, and we are also heavily involved in the selection of new imaging equipment.

When needed, I calculate radiation doses received by patients and provide advice on the optimisation of clinical images.  Although my advice directly impacts clinical care, I do not have a patient facing role. Rather, I work with radiography staff, engineers and other clinical staff groups.  I do spend a lot of time behind a computer, but tend to be on site performing equipment tests at least weekly.  I also deliver training or teaching to trainee healthcare scientists, radiographers or trainee radiologists a few times a month.

I enjoy the variety of work in my job. I have a degree of independence and flexibility on how I structure my working week, and I enjoy using my scientific skills for a practical purpose.

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