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#HCSweek19 - Ashley Tarling

As a biomedical scientist (BMS) in Haematology and Blood Transfusion, I am responsible for testing a variety of blood samples sent to the laboratory. This ranges from processing a routine full blood count to issuing compatible blood products for patients who require a transfusion.

Most blood samples are processed on automated analysers (an instrument that measures different chemicals and other characteristics in a biological sample), so the laboratory heavily relies on technology, but the results are interpreted and authorised by myself and my colleagues.

Part of our role also involves further investigation of abnormal result. A common example of this is when a blood film needs to be reviewed; this is where blood samples are examined under a microscope to determine if the features seen can aid in the diagnosis of certain clinical conditions.

Laboratory testing is vital for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease and we work 24/7 to ensure that results are quickly available to aid clinicians and collaboratively provide the very best patient-centred care.

I am so proud to represent the pathology department and the invaluable work carried out behind the scenes within the laboratory. I enjoy coming to work and leave every day knowing that I have helped so many people. And it is always a good day when you see a smiley neutrophil on a blood film!

#HCSweek19 #FacesofUHBristol