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Vascular Studies Service

Division: D&T

Catherine Summerfield

0117 342 2836
0117 342 2837

Rachel Webber

0117 342 2836
0117 342 2837

Teresa Robinson 0117 3422528 Consultant Clinical Scientist

Michelle Bonfield

0117 3423562

Clinical Vascular Scientist 

Enid Tibbs

0117 3423562

Clinical Vascular Scientist

The Vascular Studies Unit is a specialist scientific group within the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering providing a clinical service for the diagnosis of peripheral vascular diseases. A limited range of investigations are open for direct GP referral.

Access / Referrals for GPs

Ankle brachial pressure indexes (ABPIs) ± exercise testing

Sometimes referred to as "ankle pressures" or "Dopplers" - for patients with suspected lower limb arterial disease, intermittent claudication, ischaemia or ulcers.

Venous duplex

For patients with suspected venous ulcers, post thrombotic syndrome, venous incompetence or varicose veins. 

The following scans are done as part of a multidisciplinary one-stop service:

Carotid Ultrasound

Patients with suspected TIA or minor stroke should be urgently referred to the Rapid Access TIA Clinic not vascular studies: 0117 342 4800.

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) Ultrasound

Patients with suspected DVT should be urgently referred to the Thrombosis Clinic not vascular studies: 0117 342 4684.

For all tests, reporting is done immediately and patients are usually advised of the results whilst in the department.  We are happy to accept referrals by ICE,  telephone, fax or post (telephone referrals must be followed up with a signed written request). 

Vascular Studies Unit A225
Level 2, Queens Building
Bristol Royal Infirmary
Upper Maudlin Street

Green Vascular Studies Unit referral cards are available to simplify your request.  Please contact our administrative team on 0117 342 2836 for a supply or to make a referral.