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Sexual Health

Division: Med


Dr Judith Berry

0117 342 6929

Sexual Psychosexual Health

Mr Peter Greenhouse

0117 342 6964

Sexual Health

Dr Patrick Horner

0117 342 6965

Sexual Health

Dr Nikki Jeal

0117 342 6960

Sexual Health

Dr Helen Wheeler

0117 342 6964

Sexual Health

Dr Sharon Moses

0117 342 6963

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr Manika Singh

0117 342 6972

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr Lindsey Harryman

0117 342 6971

Sexual and Reproductive Health 

Specialty Doctors

Dr Sally Soodeen

0117 342 6973

Sexual, Reproductive and Pychosexual Health

Dr Lucinda Farmer

0117 342 6973

Sexual  and Reproductive Health

Dr Andrew Leung

0117 342 6975

Sexual Health

Access / Referrals

Bristol Sexual Health Services is the main provider of NHS sexual health, contraception and pregnancy advisory services in Bristol. These services are based at the Central Health Clinic following the relocation of the Milne Centre for Sexual Health and the integration with Contraception and Sexual Health services. 

Services at Bristol Sexual Health include contraception advice, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy advisory services, specialist clinics and outreach services.

Sexual Health and Contraception Service

For Sexual Health and Contraception appointment call Bristol Sexual Health Services

0117 342 6900

Advice for patients call the Health Advisors

0117 342 6944

Advice for clinicians

0117 342 6913

On-call registrar available via BRI switch board until 17:00

0117 923 0000


0117 342 6952
0117 342 6953
0117 342 6954
0117 342 6956
0117 3426958

Fax number

0117 925 3400


We are an open access service and patients can self refer but referrals from primary care are also welcome for more complex presentations and for our specialist clinics. 

Walk-in service

Walk in times are:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

09:00 - 16:00

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

09:00 - 12:00

The walk-in system involves half hourly 'time slots' where several patients can be seen. If a patient attends at a time when the time slot is fully allocated, they will be offered a slot later in the day (usually in the next hour or 2). This allows patients to go away and return to the clinic later to be checked in for their time slot and should mean that they spend less time waiting in the clinic. At times all the slots are allocated before the end of the day so patients arriving later in the day may not be seen unless they are deemed urgent

The time slots are not appointments. We still aim to see all patients on the day that they attend, but not necessarily at the time they first attend.

Booked Appointments

We also offer booked appointments:

Monday - Thursday

09:00 - 18:30


09:00 - 13:30

Text appointments are also available throughout the week including Saturday.

To book an appointment please telephone 0117 342 6900 or visit the website for further information on using text requests to access next working day slots.

Bristol Sexual Health Centre offers confidential screening and treatment for all sexually related conditions including HIV antibody testing.  We also offer post exposure prophalaxis after Sexual exposure to HIV infection (PEPSE)

We provide specialised contraception services at Central Health Clinic: 

  • Emergency IUD (Referral form is available on our website
  • IUD problems. Referrals accepted for difficult IUD fittings and removals, e.g. where IUD threads arelost
  • Advice about appropriate choice of intrauterine device/intrauterine system.
  • Difficult implant removals including deep implant removals

Other specialist clinics include herpes clinic, chronic pelvic pain clinics for men and women and psychosexual services.  There are also 15 other clinic sites for Community Sexual Health Clinics, within Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, 9 of which run Young Persons' Clinics for under 25s.  For details of these services ring 0117 342 6900 or see

We do not provide a cervical smear service, however we do offer to patients opportunistic smears

Pregnancy Advisory Service

Pregnancy Advisory Service (PAS) is the NHS abortion care service in Bristol. The service is open-access, allowing women themselves to phone for an appointment on a central booking number 0117 9276362.  If she is registered (or can register) with a Bristol, North Somerset or South Glos CCG General Practice, then she is eligible for the PAS. 


Monday - Thursday

08:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 12:00

The PAS is happy to see any woman who is considering abortion and will give information and support where she is uncertain of her choices. Where abortion is the chosen option she is booked for this after undergoing an ultrasound scan and all the other necessary pre-operative assessments