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Respiratory Medicine

Division: Med 

Dr James Catterall

0117 342 2619

General and respiratory medicine, breathing disorders during sleep, Hot clinic

Dr Kathryn Bateman

0117 342 3842

Cystic Fibrosis - Adult, general and respiratory medicine, Hot Clinic

Dr Nick Bell

0117 342 3842

Cystic Fibrosis - Adult, general Respiratory Medicine, Hot clinic

Dr Dilip Nazareth

0117 342 3825

Cystic Fibrosis - Adults, General and Respiratory Medicine, Hot clinic

Dr Elizabeth Gamble

0117 342 4259
0117 342 2620

General and Respiratory Medicine, difficult asthma, Hot clinic

Dr Abiramy Jeyabalan

0117 342 3825

General and Respiratory Medicine, Lung Cancer, Hot clinic

Dr Nabil Jarad

0117 342 2620
0117 342 4259

General and Respiratory Medicine, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), occupational lung disease, Hot Clinic

Dr Adam Whittle

0117 342 2966

General and Respiratory Medicine with special interest in breathing disorders during sleep, Hot clinic

Dr Rachel Bennett

0117 342 2966

General and Respiratory Medicine, breathing disorders during sleep

Dr Abbey Leahy

0117 342 3485

General and Respiratory Medicine, Tuberculosis, Hot clinic

Dr Sarah Mungall

0117 342 3485

Respiratory Medicine, Tuberculosis,  breathing disorders during sleep

Dr Roland Jenkins

0117 342 0530

General and Respiratory Medicine, breathing disorders during sleep, pleural disease

Access / Referrals 

Outpatient referrals should be made by letter. Urgent appointments available by telephoning 0117 342 2615.  Urgent slots are reserved each week. There are two regular weekly bronchoscopy sessions.

The consultants are available for telephone and email discussions by arrangement with the secretaries.

Other services available: 

Lung Function Testing

The previous format of drop-in open access spirometry with assessment of bronchodilator response service has changed. It has been replaced with a bookable service whereby an ICE or paper request can be made for these tests to be performed. These are reported within seven days and the results sent back to the referring doctor.

We are also able to perform a range of other tests if required. These include lung volumes, gas transfer, hypoxic challenge (fitness to fly), skin prick allergy tests and six minute walk tests. These can also be requested via ICE or letter to the Respiratory Clinical Physiologists.

For more information please contact the clinic co-ordinator on 0117 342 2616 who will assist with your query.

Avon Tuberculosis Clinic

The Avon Tuberculosis Clinic accepts referrals of all patients with suspected tuberculosis (TB). In addition, contacts of patients with TB are offered screening. Referrals are accepted for patients with possible latent or active TB infection, including referrals from Occupational Health and tertiary referrals from other departments, particularly those regularly using immunosuppressive medication.

Please use link to get further information including TB referral pathways. 

Clinics are held on a Monday afternoon and Thursday morning in the Respiratory department on Level 2 of the Queen's Building, Bristol Royal Infirmary. Referrals should be faxed to the respiratory department on 0117 342 2921. Referrals of patients with suspected pulmonary TB should be marked as urgent.

TB team

Contact details

Dr Abbey Leahy (Consultant Respiratory Physician)

Dr Sarah Mungall (Associate Specialist Respiratory Medicine)

Ruth King (Lead TB Community Nurse)


0117 954 3066

Liz Jones (TB Community Nurse)

0117 954 3066

Jayne Duffy (Secretary)

0117 342 3485
Fax: 0117 342 4262

Bristol Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre (BACFC)

BACFC is the regional centre for treatment of adults with Cystic Fibrosis. We have a highly skilled and dedicated multidisciplinary team with expertise in all aspects of CF care. The service is supported by excellent diabetes, liver, microbiology, gastroenterology, physiology, obstetrics, cardiothoracic, palliative care and specialist radiology services on site. Inpatient and Outpatient facilities are based in the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

More information is available via the UHBristol website ( and type 'Cystic Fibrosis' in to the Search box, or go directly via

Referrals should be made to Dr Kathryn Bateman, Dr Nick Bell or Dr Dilip Nazareth.

Nocturnal Respiratory Support

The Sleep Unit is fully equipped for the diagnosis and management of nocturnal ventilatory failure and obstructive sleep apnoea. Referrals to Dr James Catterall and Dr Adam Whittle.  Enquiries regarding established treatment to:

Dr Adrian Kendrick

0117 342 6132

Clinical Scientist

Respiratory Nurse Specialists

0117 342 4101

The respiratory nurse specialists run clinics for oxygen assessments, asthma management and omalizumab, bronchiectasis and mantoux testing. They also work in partnership with consultants to run specialist clinics for difficult to manage asthma and pleural disease.

Respiratory Hot Clinic


Monday to Friday


Respiratory out-patients, Level 2, Queens Building, BRI

Inclusion criteria

Any adult patient with acute respiratory symptoms who is threatening admission

Exclusion criteria

  • Haemodynamically unstable patient - should be sent to ED
  • Suspected lung cancer - please refer via2 week wait fast track
  • Suspected TB - please refer to specialist TB clinic

How to access service

Fax referral to 0117 342 2921

Referrals received by 12:00 will be seen the same day, if slots are available, otherwise next day service. Capacity for this emergency/admission avoidance clinic is limited and we may have to prioritise appointments.

Please ensure the patient contact telephone number is included.

We will contact them directly by phone to give an appointment time.

Please attach a copy of the patient's recent medications

If attending from the Emergency Department, please ensure a copy of the ED notes are attached


The Unit provides management service for patients with high impact or complex bronchiectasis.  This includes eradication of bacteria and reduced frequency of exacerbations. 

The unit provides intravenous antibiotics (at home and in hospital) as well as long-term nebulised antibiotics for those who are chronically infected with bacteria.  For more information, please contact Dr Nabil Jarad.

A specialist physiotherapist and nurse led clinic is also available on site.  For referrals, please contact Kate Ford and Ros Badman on 0117 342 4101.

South Bristol Community Hospital

Respiratory Clinics are also held in South Bristol Community Hospital.  The clinics are designed to see patients with respiratory diseases near their place of home. A normal consultant respiratory clinic is run by Dr Nabil Jarad.

Access to the service is available through Choose and Book by referral or by contacting the Respiratory Nursing staff (above). The clinics currently delivered at SBCH consist of: 

  • Nurse-led Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Nurse-led oxygen Clinic
  • Consultant led general respiratory clinic led by Dr Nabil Jarad

Lung Volume Reduction for advanced COPD

This is a modern minimally invasive method for management of advanced emphysema by inserting endo-bronchial valves.

A multidisciplinary team consisting of respiratory physicians, respiratory radiologists and thoracic surgeons will select cases for this procedure.

Patients with severe COPD (FEV1 <40% predicted) who have stopped smoking can be referred for assessment of this procedure.

Referrals should be made to Dr Nabil Jarad.