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Division: D&T

Cathy Walsh

0117 342 3078

Head of Radiology Services

Dr Mark Callaway

0117 342 2728


Dr Paul Davison

0117 342 3854

Musculoskeletal and emergency radiology

Dr David Grier

0117 342 8688

Paediatric Radiology

Dr Mark Hamilton

0117 342 2672


Dr John Hughes

0117 342 2672

Gynaecology and Oncology

Dr Julian Kabala

0117 342 3854

Urology, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Maxillo-Facial, Oncology

Dr Stephanie McKenzie

0117 342 8688

Paediatric Radiology

Dr Huw Roach

0117 342 2728

Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary

Dr James Virjee

0117 342 4181

Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary

Dr Charles Wakeley

0117 342 3854


Dr Nathan Manghat

0117 342 2672

Cardiac and Vascular

Dr Carol Phillips

0117 342 4181


Dr Mandy Williams

0117 342 2728

Head and Neck, ENT

Dr Izidora Holjar-Erlic

0117 342 8688

Paediatric radiology

Completion of Radiology Requests

It is a legal requirement under Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 - IR (ME) R - that all examinations which include exposing patients to ionising radiation (i.e. X-rays, fluoroscopic studies, CT, nuclear medicine) be clinically justified.  Therefore full patient information and clinical details MUST be specified on the request (otherwise it cannot be performed). 

The referrer is responsible forallinformation included in the referral whether electronic order system (ICE) or hard copy referral form scanned and sent by secure means electronically to specific addresses for the department.

Helpful guidance regarding the most appropriate radiological investigation, be that involving ionising radiation (as listed above) or radiation free (ultrasound, MRI), can be found in the Royal College of Radiologists publication Making the best use of a Department of Clinical Radiology, Refer 7th Edition (MBUR7) which is available electronically ( or through  UHBristol ICE.

Access / Referrals

Direct Access

Without an appointment

NB  These referrals are only valid for one calendar month from date of referral.

For all open access requests patients should be provided with the appropriate information sheet

  • Appointments are not required for general non-invasive studies, e.g. lumbar spine and chest x-rays. Patients will be examined on a first come first seen basis.
  • Following an electronic (ICE) request, patients need to report to the appropriate hospital X-ray Reception.  If ICE is not available then patients should bring a completed request form with them.
  • Open access abdominal ultrasound examinations - Specific appointments are not required for upper abdominal ultrasound (gallbladder, biliary tree, pancreas, liver, spleen, aorta, kidney). Patients will need to ring the number supplied asap for a convenient slot to be arranged within one month of the request. Please see details stated on the specified request/information sheet.
  • Patients should attend following the required preparation, and if the referral has not been sent electronically, then the patient will need to bring the request form with them.
  • NB Patients with significant problems must be referred to the Bristol Roayl Infirmary (BRI).
  • Open access gynaecological ultrasound examinations (transvaginal - TVS) - St Michaels Hospital: Specified appointments are not required.  Patients will need to ring the number supplied asap for a convenient slot to be arranged within one month of the request.  Please see details stated on the specified request/information sheet. 
  • Mandible X-rays.  Patients for mandibular X-rays should be directed to the BRI or Bristol Dental Hospital (BDH) and not South Bristol Community Hospital (SBCH)
  • Sinus X-ray requests

Please refer to information on ICE (or radiology referrals page on Trust website) before requesting a sinus X-ray as guidelines suggest alternative action for patient management.

Attendance times: For examinations without appointments (except Open Access Ultrasound): 

Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI)

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 16:00

South Bristol Community Hospital (SBCH)

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 17:00

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC)

Monday - Friday

09:30 - 12:00

14:00 - 16:00

By appointment

Appointments are required for all other procedures and imaging modalities.  All referrals have to be vetted, protocolled and agreed by a consultant radiologist.  This is to enable appropriate preparation and/or scheduling to be arranged according to priority or urgency.

Consultant Referrals

The following examinations are not available by Direct Access and are performed on consultant request only: 

  • Vascular Studies/angiograms
  • Proctograms
  • Hysterosalpingograms
  • Interventional Techniques

Urgent Requests

If a patient requires urgent referral for a radiological examination, please telephone the appropriate department for the specialty and discuss the case with the radiologist or if St Michael's Hospital, the radiographer.

An electronic request  must be made or a request form accompany the patient.

Please indicate on the request that the examination has been discussed with Radiologists.

Patient Transport

Transport may be arranged for patients at the time of arranging their X-ray appointment providing the requirements are clearly stated on the request, including the type of transport required (i.e. car, two man ambulance).  For direct access patients without an appointment transport needs to be arranged by the general practitioner


All requests for radiological examinations on patients under 16 years of age should be referred to the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC).

Trauma Cases

Patients should attend the BRI, with the exception of children, who should be referred to the BRHC.

Radiographs of patients presenting with a history of trauma are seen by the radiologists before the patient leaves the department.

If a minor fracture is demonstrated, the patient may be referred to the GP, GP Support Unit (GPSU) or Urgent Care Centre (UCC at SCBH).  For fractures needing immediate management, the patient will be referred to the Emergency Department (ED).

If NO fracture is demonstrated, the patient will be sent home and a report sent to the referring General Practitioner.

If it is felt that the patient requires clinical advice whether or not a fracture is demonstrated, then a note should be attached to the request asking the patient be directed to the Emergency Department after imaging.

Access to Reports

On completion of the examination, patients are advised to return or contact their doctor for the results in 2 weeks.

For practices using ICE, electronic verified results and information is available in real time.  Often electronic results can be available on the same day or within 24 hours.  Urgent/unexpected findings are  e-mailed or phoned through to the surgery.

Results will be transmitted electronically to those practices who have the facility to receive electronic data interchange (EDI), provided the practice has kept its details updated. Further information can be obtained via enquiry to

A further facility is available to permit viewing of radiology reports via   This will allow viewing of all examinations, appointments, attendances and reports on your patients, including hospital referred examinations.

Typed reports are currently forwarded to the named referring GP (where requested), by post or the pathology/radiology van service.

There is commitment to provide real-time systems. With this comes constraints on legitimate access and audit, so for benefit of patient and own protection, please maintain password security and best practice.  We advise best practice is to query on-line reports directly and at time of need.

When requesting passwords or password reset, the user must contact directly using secure e-mail address - yahoo/hotmail/third party requests/generic requests are not permitted.

Report Enquiries

Examination/report enquiries should be directed by email to or


Which site for which specialty


Hospital / Department

Telephone Number

Emergency Department (ED) (Adult)


0117 342 2724



0117 342 2638



0117 342 3556

CT Scans


0117 342 3556

General non-invasive studies


0117 342 9696
0117 342 2796

General Ultrasound


0117 342 2635

Gastrointestinal Studies


0117 342 2635



0117 342 2798



0117 342 2797
0117 342 5885

Radioisotope examinations


0117 342 2671

Paediatric Radiology


0117 342 8463

Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultrasound

St Michael's Hospital

0117 342 5347

Regular monitoring is conducted to enable the service to pursue and improve its quality. To further demonstrate our commitment to quality we have developed a quality system achieving certification with ISO9001:2008.