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Division: SH&N


Miss Clare Bailey

0117 342 1400

Diabetes, medical retina

Miss Amanda Churchill

0117 342 4596

Paediatric ophthalmology, genetics

Miss Abosede Cole

0117 342 1400

Medical retina

Mr Stuart Cook

0117 342 4690


Mr Jeremy Diamond

0117 342 4690


Professor Andrew Dick

0117 342 1401

Uveitis, medical and surgical retina

Mr Rafik Girgis

0117 342 4883

Primary care

Miss Catherine Guly

0117 342 1400

Medical retina

Mr Michael Greaney

0117 342 4690


Mr Richard Harrad

0117 342 4689

Strabismus, oculoplastics in children and adults

Mr Richard Haynes

0117 342 2401

Medical and surgical retina

Miss Rebecca Ford

0117 342 4689

Occuloplastic conditions, orbital disease

Mr Richard Markham

0117 342 4596

Paediatric ophthalmology, medical and surgical retina

Miss Helen Garrott

0117 342 4689

Oculoplastic conditions, orbital disease

Mr Philip Jaycock

0117 342 4697


Professor John Sparrow

0117 342 4697


Mr Derek Tole

0117 342 4697


Miss Cathy Williams

0117 342 4596

Paediatric ophthalmology

Mr Mohammed Majid

0117 342 2401

Medical and surgical retina

Heads of Departments

Jenny Holly

0117 342 4643

Assistant Divisional Manager

Mark Stevens

0117 342 4792

Performance and Operations Manager

Matthew Thomas

0117 342 1409

Head of Medical Imaging

Paul Spry

0117 342 4652

Head of Visual Electrophysiology and Shared Care Optometry

Ann Starbuck

0117 342 4716

Head Orthoptist

Fred Giltrow-Tyler

0117 342 4857

Principal Optometrist

Shelley Thomas

0117 342 4643


Bristol Eye Hospital is one of the country's leading specialist hospitals with an international reputation for the treatment of diseases of the eye and highly respected as a pioneer in research, education and clinical practice.  

The hospital has 22 ophthalmic consultants, who work supported by a wide range of staff including orthoptists, optometrists, pharmacists and nurse practitioners. The University of Bristol Department of Ophthalmology is attached to the hospital and leads its field in research into eye disease and the development of new treatments. The hospital also houses one of only two Corneal Transplant Banks in England.

Patient Services 

The following patient services are offered:

  • A Pre-operative Assessment Unit assessing 90% of all planned surgery.
  • An Inpatient Unit which provides treatment for specialist vitreo-retinal, corneal and orbital problems as well as routine cataract and glaucoma surgery.
  • A Day Care Unit, catering for all patients undergoing day surgery. Over 80% of cataract operations are performed on a day care basis.
  • Four operating theatres care for over 600 patients a month, whose ages range from new born to the elderly.
  • The busy Accident and Emergency Department sees 22,000 patients a year. The nursing staff are experienced practitioners and treat and discharge 50% of these.
  • An Outpatient Department which is attended by 98,000 patients each year. The Outpatient service includes: general ophthalmic clinics and specialist clinics (uveitis, cornea, glaucoma, vitreo-retinal, oculo-plastic, diabetic eye disease, strabismus, neuro-ophthalmology, thyroid eye disease, orbital and paediatric.  This includes an outpatient unit dedicated to the treatment of patients with conditions of the retina.  This unit houses therapeutic lasers and Florescein and Photography Department with its digital angiography system.  The fully equipped consulting rooms each have their own networked PC terminals enabling medical staff to view digital images produced by the Photography Department.
  • An active Optometry Department and very busy Contact Lens and Low Visual Aid clinics.
  • Shared Care - Bristol Eye Hospital is one of the leaders in this area.  27 optometrists see approximately 10,000 patients with glaucoma per year in consultant-led follow up clinics, and also perform baseline evaluation of the majority of new glaucoma-related referrals. Specially trained nurses see post-operative cataract patients in consultant-led clinics, and experienced nurse practitioners undertake many minor surgical procedures. 
  • A large Orthoptic Department staffed by 12 State Registered Orthoptists who are involved in the diagnosis and management of strabismus and associated problems. They are also involved in the assessment of vision in young children and children and adults with special needs.

Access / Referrals

Accident and Emergency Department

Accident and Emergency telephone number

0117 342 4613

Opening hours

08:30 - 16:30 7 days per week

  • After 16:30 patients requiring treatment for an eye problem will need to attend their local Accident Centre or the main Accident and Emergency Department at Bristol Royal Infirmary.
  • Due to the demands on the service, only patients presenting with urgent or emergency problems can be treated. Patients presenting with problems not being assessed as urgent or emergency will be referred back to their GP or given an Urgent Care Clinic appointment as appropriate.

Phone Triage

Phone triage advice line is available when possible, where a nurse will be able to give advice and arrange for patient to be seen where appropriate on: 0117 342 4613

Monday to Friday

09:00 - 16:00

Saturday and Sunday

09:00 - 14:30

Routine Referrals

Referral letters should include:

  • optician's report if any
  • past medical history
  • drugs
  • V/A right and left with correction
  • referrals should be open unless a specific consultant is preferred

Electrodiagnostics Department

Among the standardised tests provided are electro oculography, various types of electroretinography, steady state retinal and brain assessment of electrobiological activities and a variety of visual evoked potentials, both to patterned and unpatterned stimuli, presented at various temporal and spatial frequencies, as well as colours and modes of presentation ranging from reversal to onset or offset. The department also provides pupillometric services and testing for colour perception.

Patient Support

We have a designated Patient Support Nurse to offer advice and support to patients: Telephone Number: 0117 342 3328.