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Reports and findings

Reports and findings related to the children's hospital

A number of independent reports and findings about services in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children were published in June. We fully accept the findings of these reports and welcome their publication as a way to learn from mistakes.

The reports raise issues about the care we provided to a number of children and are critical about the way we have responded in the past to concerns and complaints raised by some of the families of the children we have cared for. We know we have not always given the right level of support to every family. This has been heightened by the fact that in these particular cases the families have been facing and trying to cope with the sad death of their child. We are very sorry that we haven't met our own high standards of care for these families, and that has added to their distress at an incredibly difficult time for them.  We care deeply about providing the right care to every child and supporting and involving their families in the right way. We are determined to learn from the reports' findings and recommendations.

As part of our commitment to openness and transparency we want to make sure that as many people as want to can access these reports, the issues they raise and our response to them.  You can access full reports, our response to them and progress to implement the recommendations from this page.

Independent Review into children's heart services.

In addition to this report the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman has reviewed the cases where two children sadly died at our hospital and we did not manage their care and our engagement with their families as well as we should have. 

We know that the publication of these reports is likely to generate concern and questions.  Whilst acknowledging that, we do need to reassure parents and families that they can and should continue to use our services.  Whilst recognising areas for improvement, our children's services have been recently and independently assessed as good.  

For example, the  National Congenital Heart Disease Audit Report (NICOR) in April 2016 said that we delivered good clinical results for children, despite the growing complexity of the conditions we treat. And the  Care Quality Commission's inspection of our children's and young people's services in September 2014 assessed these services as good overall, and outstanding for effectiveness.  They found that our services were 'routinely better than expected', saying that: 

"Children received good care from dedicated, caring and well-trained staff who were skilled in working and communicating with children, young people and their families."

We understand that the publication of the reports mentioned here and the media coverage may raise questions for families using, or about to use, our services.  We would be pleased to answer any specific questions or provide further information about these services if needed.  Please contact us at 0117 342 8065.

Letter for parents and carers

Independent review
Independent review into children's heart services.
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Independent investigation
Independent investigation into management response to allegations about staff behaviours related to the death of a baby.
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