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Surveillance Cameras (CCTV & Body Worn Video)

We employ surveillance cameras (CCTV and Body Worn Video) in and around our hospital sites, as we have a legitimate interest in doing so, in order to:

  • protect staff, patients, visitors and Trust property
  • apprehend and prosecute offenders, and provide evidence to take criminal or civil action in the courts
  • provide a deterrent effect and reduce unlawful activity
  • help provide a safer environment for our staff
  • assist in traffic management and car parking schemes
  • monitor operational and safety related incidents
  • help to provide improved services, for example by enabling staff to see patients and visitors requiring assistance
  • assist with the verification of claims

You have a right to request surveillance information recorded of yourself and ask for a copy of it. Please see the section on Your Rights. You would need to provide  sufficient information to identify you and assist us in finding any images on our systems.

We reserve the right to withhold information where permissible by Data Protection Legislation and we will only retain surveillance data for a reasonable period or as long as is required by law. In certain circumstances (high profile investigations, serious or criminal incidents) we may need to disclose CCTV or Body Worn Video data for legal reasons. When this is done there is a requirement for the organisation that has received the images to adhere to Data Protection Legislation.